Wednesday, 17 September 2014

the day Agustin Magaldi died 8 Sept 1938

Agustin Magaldi Coviello was born in Casilda, Santa Fe in 1 December 1989 and died in 8 September 1938 with only 39 years of age. He had a liver condition made worse by doctors who thought they knew better than they actually did. He was operated on and died a few days later. Argentinians who had lost Carlos Gardel only 3 years earlier - Gardel died in an  airplane crash in Medellin, Colombia in 24 June 1935 - were deep in mourning. Here are some photos about this tragedy.

Agustin Magaldi 

Gustavo Lopez in front of Agustin Magaldi's tomb in 8 September 2014

Argentine fan of Agustin Magaldi inside of his idol's tomb at Cementerio de la Chacarita in Buenos Aires at the 76th anniversary of Magaldi's departure 8 September 1938.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

the day Victor Costa died 22 Dec 1959

Victor Costa was a media man who thrived during the Getulio Vargas era. He was the head man on Radio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, which was created by the Federal Government in 1936 to become the most popular radio station in the nation until the time TV came of age in the late 1950s. 

Victor Costa knew that São Paulo was the richest market place in the country, curried favour with government officials of the Getulio Vargas's presidency and managed to put up O.V.C. (Victor Costa Organization) in 1953, a media conglomerate made up of many radio stations around the country plus Radio Excelsior and Radio Nacional Paulista in S.Paulo.  In 1954, Costa managed to get the concession of a TV station which he called TV Paulista, Channel 5. 

By the end of the Fifties, Victor Costa's enterprises were all making money, but his health was making water. He died in 22 December 1959, with only 52 years of age. These are some of the photos in the article Radiolandia put up after his death. 

Friday, 31 January 2014

Brontë sisters out in the moors

Anne Brontë actually died aged 29 years old in 28th May 1849 in Scarborough, England. 
Anne Brontë's grave.

Heather blossoms in the summer.
out in the moors... Emily Brontë's territory.

North Yorkshire moors...

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Vassourinha at Cemitério Christo Redemptor

Vassourinha was a young Black kid who used to work for Radio Record when it was the most popular radio station in São Paulo. As he liked to sing along with every song he heard soon he started singing at the microphone leaving his job as a cleaner and office-boy. 

Vassourinha became such a popular figure in São Paulo in the late 1930s that Carmen Miranda would always include him in her shows when she visited São Paulo. 

Vassourinha finally recorded a few 78 rpms in Rio de Janeiro which became pretty popular around the country. 'Juracy' and 'Emilia' were his greatest hits. Vassourinha had a bright future before him but for actually he had only a few months to live. He had tuberculosis and died in 1942, when he was only 19 years old. 

His mother thought he had been the victim of voodoo but he had been the victim of too many nights out drinking liquour since the early age of 13 or 14. 

Vassourinha was re-buried at the Protestant Cemetery - Cemitério Christo Redemptor at Avenida Dr. Arnaldo in São Paulo after his mother converted from an Afro religion to a Calvinist sect. 

Vassourinha died when he was 19 years old. 

The lettering in the tombstone is fading away... 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dolores Duran - novo túmulo no Cajú - 1963

o cortejo seguindo o caixão de Dolores Duran em Outubro de 1959. 

Reportagem da 'Revista do Radio' [1963] sobre o novo túmulo construido especialmente para abrigar os restos mortais da querida cantora.

dona Josefa Rocha, mãe de  Dolores Duran junto a Pedro das Flores e Flavio Cavalcanti.

Hilda Rocha, irmã de Dolores, coloca flôres no tumulo. Dona Josefa, mãe de Dolores, conversa com Flavio. 

dona Josefa arranja flores sobre o túmulo da filha famosa.

uma das ultimas fotos de Dolores Duran enfeita a partitura de 'Canção da tristeza'.

Almir Ribeiro, aqui tão alegre, ao lado de duas gatas, a Marisa & Dolores Duran num night-club de Punta del Este no Uruguay. Mal sabia Almir que o destino lhe preparava uma armadilha trágica: ele morreria afogado no dia seguinte, enquanto tomava banho-de-mar nessa famosa cidade praiana.  

3x4 da linda Marisa

Marisa em pose famosa.

Marisa ainda era atraente nos anos 2000.

foto tirada de Dolores Duran recebendo tratamento no balão de oxigênio no Hospital Miguel Couto quando de um de seus ataques cardíacos. Naquele tempo tudo era permitido à Imprensa que não via nisso qualquer invasão de privacidade.

Dolores Duran em foto 'oficial'.

Rodrigo Faour finalmente lança biografia de Dolores Duran em 8 Novembro 2012, no Rio de Janeiro. É incrível que Dolores nunca tenha tido uma biografia à sua altura durante esses mais de 50 anos depois de sua morte. Parabéns, Rodrigo pela façanha. 

Lançamento do livro Dolores Duran em São Paulo, em 12 Novembro 2012.